Jiangyin Sanyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Jiangyin Sanyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
About us

Jiangyin Sanyi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing and development of sports health nourishment and fine chemical intermediates. Based on cooperation with universities and research institutes, we have developed series of high quality and environmental friendly products which meet market requirements. Through merger and acquisition, we have established production bases and united-factories in North China, East China and Southeast Asia. Nowadays, we can provide products in 4 series and over 20 varieties.

Scientific research instrument and production equipments: there is domestic leading level standard organic synthesis chemical laboratory, environmental friendly plant, modern synthetic technique production line. Our company is professional in production and development of HMB Calcium and its derivatives, and chemical intermediates. We have multiple cutting-edge techniques, including, molecularly targeted synthesis, organic molecular modification, low temperature fractionation, microwave catalysis, magnetofluid catalysis, liquid microemulsion and reaction heat utilization.
Nowadays, our products are widely used in daily chemical, oil field, medical, food, coating, pesticide, dyeing, and veterinary medicine industries. Relying on superior quality and reasonable price, the product is not only welcomed by domestic users, but also has been exported to oversea regions.